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[Adlite Plastics and Lighting - electro guard: polycarbonate fluorescent tube shields, fluorescent tube guards]
Polycarbonate Fluorescent Tube Shields

Electro-guard shields protect against damage resulting from accidental lamp breakage.  The guards are made of a Polycarbonate resin in a variety of colours and come with end caps.  Electro-guard shields are available for T6, T8, T12 and T17 fluorescent lamps, and come in 4-ft and 8-ft lengths.

Electro-guard shields provide protection against dirt, dust and insects.  They also reduce the need for lamp cleaning cycles and minimize lamp replacement due to breakage.  These shields are an excellent shielding medium for museums, libraries, art galleries, retail traffic areas, food processing, schools and hospitals.

For areas of heavy ultra-violet light, electro-guard shields are available with a polycarbonate UVA7 construction that acts to filter out the higher incidents of U.V.